About the Organization / Donate

In honor of Myrna, and her dedication to the students of Oxnard School District, the Myrna Abdel-Gawad Memorial Scholarship Fund (the Myrna Scholarship) has been formed. It is founded by a group of colleagues, and her daughter, and is intended to provide assistance to a student striving to attain a degree and education at a two or four-year college or university. We have formed a non-profit corporation with a Board of Directors, established criteria, and are in the process of drafting a scholarship application to begin the process of seeking out our first scholarship award winner.

We are a Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization with the Internal Revenue Service, and any donations, bequests, devises, transfers or gifts to the Myrna Scholarship are tax deductible. We would be grateful if you would consider donatingĀ or donating again to the Myrna Scholarship, particularly in honor of her birthday on November 14, and in anticipation of the end of the tax year.

We thank you in advance for your support. Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be used to further the educational goals and dreams of an Oxnard School District student. You can eitherĀ donate online via PayPal using the button below or send a check or money order made out to the Myrna Scholarship or the Myrna Abdel-Gawad Memorial Scholarship Fund Inc., Please send any check or money order contributions to the street address:

Myrna Scholarship

228 Tennessee Ave.

Alexandria, VA 22305.

If you have questions, contact us via email.